Oak kitchen update ideas, wood trim, Arctic Shadows green

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Hey guys!For episode #2 in my HOW-TO HOME: THE SERIES, I dive into the simplest method for painting cabinets. No wood filling, minimal sanding, and a big imp.

How To Paint Oak Without The Grain Showing Love Remodeled

Rediscover the beauty of your kitchen. Learn how to paint oak cabinets with our guide, and let your kitchen sparkle with a new lease on life!

Tips + Tricks for Painting Oak Evolution of Style

Painting your oak cabinets can drastically transform and rejuvenate your kitchen. At Caldwell Painting , we know the importance of a smooth finish and the right color choice for your oak cabinets. We use a stain blocker primer as experts recommend to hide the grain and achieve a fantastic transformation.

35+ Beautiful Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas with Oak kitchens

The Spruce. Just like its namesake shell, Benjamin Moore Abalone is a soft, light gray paint that has a hint of mauve. This subdued color serves as a more modern, sophisticated backdrop to oak cabinets. Abalone feels sleek and updated, bringing out the best in the warm tones of oak. 12 of 22.

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Prep all of your drawers and cabinet doors for painting by cleaning with TSP substitute and repeating steps 7 through 12. (optional) Fill all cracks and detail with caulk. Prep your paint and paint sprayer with the correct dilution of distilled water. Test your paint sprayer to make sure there's no orange peel.

Oak kitchen update ideas, wood trim, Arctic Shadows green

Paint for cabinets, doors, and trim; Paint for paneling; TSP substitute; Step-by-step properly paint oak. Step 1 - Gather supplies . It is important to make sure you have everything needed before you begin the project. Nothing is worse than having to run to the store in the middle of a project or worse yet, having the store closed. Step 2.

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Have you missed any of our 11 part series of the Sideboard?! Check out the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUPWL5TWdx4tovCCXC3JMC2.

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Let the mixture dry fully. Then, lightly sand the entire surface with 150 grit sandpaper until smooth. Do not over sand or you will cause the surface to be uneven, which will show in the final paint coverage. Once the surfaces are all smooth, take a tack cloth and once again clean the entire surface to remove any dust.

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4. How to Get a smooth finish when painting kitchen cabinets. Here is another tip that saved me a TON of time on painting kitchen cabinets: get a sprayer! A large kitchen of 47 doors and drawers took me and my husband about 2 hours to spray one coat! Moreover, a sprayer will always deliver the best finish possible, period. In the last few years.

Tips + Tricks for Painting Oak Evolution of Style

Prime Doors and Drawer Fronts. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust from the doors and drawer fronts before priming. Pour mixed or shaken primer into a lined paint tray. Dab the trim brush in the primer and paint the detailed areas of the doors and drawer fronts. Follow by priming the flat areas with a 10-inch roller.

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Want a professional finish on a DIY budget? Get the free tutorial:https://renovatedfaith.com/paint-oak-cabinets-white/Here is my FREE CABINET PAINTING ROADMA.

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Semi-gloss and gloss paints will reflect more light which will highlight the pattern of the grain. If you want to minimize the prominence of the grain, which we absolutely do, use a satin or an eggshell sheen. 5. Pick a different wood for add-ons. When you take the leap to paint your kitchen cabinets, you may want to add on some other features too.

How To Paint Oak Kitchen Like A Pro

Step 3 - Stain Blocker. We are getting closer to painting just one more step. Since oak can be difficult to cover the grain we are going to be using DecoArts Stain Blocker. The stain blocker seals the wood from coming through the paint. Apply a thin coat to both the cabinets and the doors.

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Hang or Lay the Cabinets. The first way is to use a paint sprayer. For this option, you will want to hang your cabinets. The best way is by screwing a cup hook into the bottom of your cabinet, preferably with a pilot hole. The hangers will then be able to be hung on hangers (standard hangers for PDSR).

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Step 6: Tape and mask the working area. Put painter's tape on the floor around the cabinet perimeter. Then tape down masking paper along the perimeter. It's unlikely that you'll put masking paper down only once during the entire painting process.

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Remove all cabinet doors. Use painters tape to label each door with its corresponding cabinet. Remove the hardware, hinges, and screws, leave in a baggie and store in the corresponding cabinet. Tape everything. Tape off any walls, appliances, counters, baseboards, and floors that you don't want painted. CLEAN!