Petit Basque

Petite Basque. Item #: 7181. Brown butter and caramel aromas rise from this cheese hinting at the sweet and flavorful flesh which is creamy with both sweet and salty flavors. Both nutty, and fruit influenced, Ptit Pays Basque has a delightfully soft texture. Sheep's milk. Petit Pays Basque is an pasteurized, uncooked hard sheep's milk cheese.

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Savor a Bit of the Old Country—Experience P'tit Basque. The natural border dividing France and Spain is the Pyrenees mountain range, the home of P'tit Basque. This semi-hard ewes' milk cheese is made on the French side of the Pyrenees in a region populated by the Basques, a people who have their own customs and their own unique language.


P'tit Basque (sometimes spelled Petit Basque) is a pasteurized sheep milk cheese from the mountainous Basque area of southern France. It has been made since 1997 by the large French dairy company, Lactalis. P'tit Basque is a small cheese, weighing about 1.25 lbs. It is cylindrical in shape, and only about 3 inches high.

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Petit Basque. Select a store to see accurate pricing. Find a store to see pricing. To add this product to your list, login. Add to list. Ingredients; Ingredients. Ingredients: Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Salt, Rennet, Lactic Starters, Calcium Chloride, Rind Coloring: Caramel, Annatto. Preservative: Annatto

Petite Basque

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November 24, 2023. Rezwana Konika. Cheese Petit Basque Cheese. To cut Petit Basque cheese, simply slice a portion from the wheel or bar, then remove the wax before consumption. Petit Basque, a sheep's milk cheese, is a mild and versatile cheese often served on a cheese board with fruits and nuts in the Basque region, making it an excellent.

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Cheese Styles: Basque Sheep's Milk Cheeses. In a village in Basque country—the western region of the Pyrenees Mountains that straddles the France-Spain border—it's easy to get lost in a maze of white walls and red shutters; houses aren't numbered. Instead, you have to look for a name. Arrosa, Zubialdea, Irigoinia —the monikers reach.

Petit Basque

Petit Basque French Sheep Cheese. 1.2 lb. SKU: 120161. Availability: Out of stock. $48. Petit Basque sheep's milk cheese is a semi-soft, orange-colored cheese that is handmade in the French Pyrenees. Petit Basque sheep's milk cheese is perfect for snacking or as an additional ingredient for dishes like salads and pasta.

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Petit Basque is a French semi-hard cheese produced in Basque in the Pyreneés Mountains. The cheese was originally hand-made by shepherds from leftover curds from milking the sheep, and it's made from sheep's milk nowadays as well. The natural rind hides a dry, smooth, and creamy texture. After 70 days of aging, the cheese develops a basket.


P'tit Basque is a cheese that was introduced in 1997, and was created by the French dairy giant Lactalis. P'tit Basque is made with pasteurized sheep's milk and is aged 70 days. It is covered in a thin light brown rind that has a basket weave pattern that was created in the curd pressing process, and then is covered in plastic wrap to prevent.

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P'tit Basque, made from pure sheep's milk, has a slightly oily texture and an earthy, nutty flavor. It comes to us in a whole, uncut cylinder, offering a beautiful presentation as well as a lovely taste.Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.Photo depicts whole 1.25 pound form of cheese.

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Petit Basque is comprised of 45% fat and has a rich, buttery yellow color. The cheese is made from curds from uncooked, pasteurized ewe's milk. Once pressed into molds and dried, it is brined for two hours and then cold aged for 70 days before being either waxed or covered in thin plastic to prevent mold. The small cylindrical shaped cheese.

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P'tit Basque is a 100% pure sheep's milk cheese produced in France's Basque region in the Pyrenees Mountains, the region that spans the border between France and Spain. Traditionally, it was handmade by shepherds from leftover curds set aside from milking their ewes. And even today, P'tit Basque is made using the same method used by the local shepherds.The semi-hard cheese is aged for a.

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P'tit Basque is cheese from the Basque region of France, is known for its creamy texture and mild flavor. Made from sheep's milk, it has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect for shredding and melting. It is aged 70 days. Semi-hard cheese with creamy and smooth texture. Bronze Medal - 2021 World Championship Cheese Contest.

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Petit Basque, as this sheep's milk cheese is called, is a mild, pasteurized version of the traditional sheep's cheeses, like Ossau Iraty and Idiazabel (from the Spanish side of Basque Country). It was originally produced from left-over curds, but is now a cheese in its own right. The herringbone rind resembles that of Spanish cheeses like.

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P'tit Basque (sometimes labeled Petite Basque) is handmade from grass-fed sheep's milk cheese in the Pyrenees mountains, the area that straddles France and Spain. It's relatively young, aged just 70 days, so it is sliceable and has a buttery, melt-in-your mouth texture. It's always the first to get gobbled up when I put out a cheese.