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Giotto di Bondone (ca 1267-1337) was a pioneering Tuscan painter of the 14th century. Considered among the most influential artists in Western art history, he introduced naturalism, spatial construction, and emotionality into his many paintings, including polyptychs and frescoes, such as those at the marvelous Scrovegni Chapel. Giotto himself is surrounded by an aura of mystery.

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Giotto di Bondone Short Name: Giotto Date of Birth: 1266 Date of Death: 1337 Focus: Paintings Mediums: Tempera, Wood Subjects: Figure, Landscapes, Scenery Art Movement: Renaissance Hometown: Florence, Italy Giotto di Bondone Page's Content Introduction Biography Style and Technique Who or What Influenced Works Followers Critical Reception

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Giotto (di Bondone), (born 1266-67/1276, Vespignano, near Florence—died Jan. 8, 1337, Florence), First of the great Italian painters, active in Florence. He decorated chapels and churches in Assisi, Rome, Padua, Florence, and Naples with frescoes and panel paintings.

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Giotto di Bondone is universally acknowledged as something of a pioneer in the art world, having taken the first artistic step toward the Renaissance. His career began in the time of the great Medieval artists, whose stylized Byzantine techniques he soon traded in for the earthly, natural style he is known for today..

giotto di bondone portrait GoogleSuche 130 G Giotto di Bondone

Giotto worked in Rome in 1297-1300, but few traces of his presence there remain today. The Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano houses a small portion of a fresco cycle, painted for the Jubilee of 1300 called by Boniface VIII. In this period he also painted the Badia Polyptych, now in the Uffizi, Florence.

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Giotto di Bondone (c. 1267-1337) was estimated to have been born around the year 1267 near Florence. According to myth, Giotto was raised in the countryside as a young shepherd, where he often drew pictures of sheep on the ground.

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Giotto di Bondone played a crucial role in moving the European art scene onwards from the Byzantine styles towards the Early Renaissance and all that followed on from that. Late Gothic, Proto-Renaissance Period.

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Died: January 8, 1337 - Florence, Italy Movements and Styles: Early Renaissance Giotto Summary Accomplishments Important Art Biography Influences and Connections Useful Resources

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Giotto di Bondone Born: 1266/67 or 1276, Vespignano, near Florence [Italy] Died: January 8, 1337, Florence Movement / Style: Renaissance On the Web: World History Encyclopedia - Giotto (Dec. 11, 2023) See all related content →

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Giotto di Bondone was celebrated as a pioneering artist during his own lifetime. Even the poet Dante Alighieri acknowledged him to be the leading painter of the day. Artists, writers, and scholars since have characterized his style and its legacy by two main features: an increased naturalism in representing the human figure, and architectural.

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Who Was Giotto and Why Was He So Important? By Karen Chernick November 23, 2023 8:49am Giotto, Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ), c. 1305 Wikimedia Commons. A fly that a Tuscan boy named.

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Giotto: frescoes in the Arena Chapel. Arena Chapel (or Scrovegni Chapel), frescoes by Giotto, 1305-06; in Padua, Italy. The frescoes are in relatively good condition, and all that has been said of Giotto's power to render the bare essentials of a setting with a few impressive and simple figures telling the story as dramatically and yet as.

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1295 - 1337 Italian Proto Renaissance Order Oil Painting reproduction Article Wikipedia article References Considered one of the first of the Italian Renaissance artists, Giotto di Bondone was a talented painter and architect.

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Overview Catalogue Entry Provenance Exhibition History References Title: The Adoration of the Magi Artist: Giotto di Bondone (Italian, Florentine, 1266/76-1337) Date: possibly ca. 1320 Medium: Tempera on wood, gold ground Dimensions: 17 3/4 x 17 1/4 in. (45.1 x 43.8 cm) Classification: Paintings Credit Line: John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1911

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Giotto di Bondone's art introduced a new age in the arts that combined spiritual antiquity with the nascent notion of Renaissance Humanism, predating by a hundred years many of the fascinations and issues of the Italian High Renaissance.

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Giotto di Bondone (b. 1267 or 1277 - d. 1337 CE), usually referred to as simply Giotto, was an Italian painter and architect whose work was hugely influential in the history of Western art.