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Instructions. Add the sugar, water and mint to a small saucepan and heat over medium heat. Bring to a simmer and stir until all sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat and allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes. Then strain it into a large pitcher. Add the lime juice and rum to the pitcher.

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Stick to basic drinks like beer, wine, and cocktails. Avoid sugary drinks or drinks with lots of mixers like soda and juices. You should also consider the preferences of the guests; offer a mix of drinks that will appeal to everyone. For beer, offer different types such as light, amber, or dark beer.

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Hosting a cocktail party can be a lot of fun, but it does require a bit of planning. Here are a few tips to help make your party a success. 1. Decide on a theme. A theme can help to give your party a cohesive look and feel. 2. Pick a date and time. Make sure to pick a date and time that works for most of your guests.

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Dress up this minty drink with chocolate shavings and serve with chocolate crinkle cookies. Get This Recipe. Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Micah Marie Morton. 6/17. Coquito.

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1. Don't let drinks sit. If you're bartending during a crowded happy hour or cocktail party, it's imperative that you get iced drinks out as quickly as possible. The longer an on-the-rocks cocktail or spirit sits on your bar, the more diluted and watery it will be once it reaches your customer. 2.

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When serving beer, make sure it is at the appropriate temperature. Light beers are best served chilled, while darker beers are best served at room temperature. 3. Pour Beer Correctly. When pouring beer, tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle and pour the beer slowly down the side of the glass.

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We usually think of wine when pairing drinks with food, but its acidity and tannins can present challenges that sake does not. Red and white wines contain at least five times more acidity than sake, according to the Sake School of America. "Sake is… less aggressive, so food enhances its flavor," notes Paul Willenberg of Namazake Paul Imports.

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In the bar, the primary purpose of ice is to chill drinks. When drinking whiskey (or any liquor) straight, you have the option of enjoying it at room temperature or slightly chilled; the latter is achieved by pouring it over ice or into a chilled glass . Dilution is the downside of adding ice to whiskey. Ice melts and that can lead to a watery.

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Serve mead at fridge temperature or poured over ice. Serve mead warm on cold days. Drink mead straight from the bottle. Serve mead in a classic whiskey or wine glass. Pour your mead into a traditional drinking vessel. Smell the mead before you taste it. Take small sips. Accompany your mead with food.

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Drinks are traditionally served from the right side of the guest. In the dining room, the server approaches the guest from their right and places the drink on the table from that side. It is important to maintain the same principles of the open hand service method by using the appropriate arm and avoiding crossing over the guest's personal space.

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Whiskey Sour. Perhaps the most refreshing whiskey cocktail, this is an old reliable favorite. - 2 oz whiskey. - 1 oz lemon juice. - 1 tsp sugar. - 1 egg white (optional) Combine ingredients in a.

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The perfect serve isn't just about the drink in the glass, because bartending isn't just about putting drinks into glasses. The perfect serve combines a high level drink with a high level of service. This includes being welcoming, friendly and forthcoming to your customers, attentive to their needs and understanding their wants..

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Heat is required to extract flavor from the spices you're using, and the wine should also be served hot. The heat is part of the appeal. It makes the beverage very pleasant to drink on a cold.

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Perfect Pours in 30 Seconds. The Bartesian cocktail maker creates bar-quality cocktails on demand, providing an effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails at home. Enjoy all your favorite rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, or vodka cocktails with a push of a button.

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Always serve drinks in the correct glass. This maximizes their flavor and appearance. Here is a handy reference for the appropriate barware: Use the Cocktail glass for drinks between three and six ounces. It's most often served "up" without ice. Any short drink, classic cocktails, and a variety of martinis use this glass.